True Life: I'm addicted to Reality TV

It's true.
Bachelor/ette is one of my faves! This evening we made our usual Monday night trip to my parents' house to watch the Bachelorette. I sat down, pizza in hand, ready for Frank to tell Ali he had a girfriend or some other crap. But--Not yet. It's coming though, I promise.

Next, I must tell you how much I adore Chris L.! Holy cow is he not the sweetest thing on the planet!? All the men there [excluding Frank] are my faves from Day 1, and I was so sad to see Ty go.

Don't you like how I talk about them like I know them?
As much as it may seem like I do, I assure you-I don't.

Speaking of just THAT.. Did you SEE the Jake/Vienna interview after Bachelorette!? They even cut Bachelorette short for it.
I admit, when Vienna was on Bachelor with Jake, I didn't like her. How could I like her over Tenley? Tenley was my choice from day one.

However, looking back-- Yes, Vienna was a tad bit dramatic, but the girls really didn't like her because she said what she thought [good or bad] and she didn't pretend like she wanted to make friends, bad thing?

Not neccessarily. Yes, some instances she could have handled things differently, BUT I have to hand it to her, she was there for one thing and one thing only, and she left with just that. For a few months anyways.

Back to what I was saying, I am disgusted with how I saw Jake treat her in the interview tonight. Did anyone else realize how controlling he sounded when he spoke to her? Or that look in his eye that just made you uneasy?

I did.

I feel sorry for her, and I feel sad for judging her. Because I truly think Jake is the bad guy.

Now that I have posted an entire post on two people I have no idea who they are, I'm done.

Oh, one more thing-- Team Viennna. :)


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