LAZY friday :)

First- It was amazing to see everyone who participated in the Send Love to Cohen "Blogging Moment of Silence"! I participated, but I logged on blogger Thursday night and saw ALL of the "Cohen" pictures! WOW! I can only imagine how blessed and honored Megan & Brent feel-and they deserve it!

Second- I am thoroughly enjoying my FIVE [yes, FIVE] day weekend! As you know, I work for my parents, and they left for the beach yesterday. Since they're gone-the business is CLOSED! So I have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off work! Oh, I couldn't be MORE excited!

Yesterday, Michael and I spent ALL day together yesterday and it was so fun! I was sad to see him off to work this morning.

My little sister, Hanna, is staying here [at my parents] with some of her friends for the weekend, but she went to "Scream the Prayer" in Nashville tonight, so Michael and I are staying here--with six dogs! But my sweet parents left us some money to get us some dinner, and I am living cuddling up with six furbabies and watching TV all day. :)

Annnnnnd I just can't contain my excitement for my 'surprise' I said I had for you all, SO I will tell you now!

Bailey at B's Blog Boutique is working on a new look for our blog! Hopefully you all can see it soon! :) And let me just tell you, she is a DOLL!

Happy Friday!


Ria Thurston said...

Can't wait to see the makeover :) So fun!!
Enjoy your lonnng weekend, only slightly jealous ;)

whitney said...

I know, I'm getting antsy!-so excited!

I would be jealous too, hahaha! Thanks girl ;)

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