One step closer..

..to being debt free!

You guys know we have made a decision to not buy a house until our debt is paid off (I can't wait!) and an even more insane decision to have our debt paid off by January 1, 2011.

That's a pretty far fetched goal, but we can do it- and we're going to! Thankfully, our debt is only 5k. Which is by no means 'pocket change' but it's also not as much as most people I know who are in debt. In fact, I don't personally know anyone who (if they are in debt) are in debt by only 5k. I realize when we buy a house we will be 'in debt.' a select few have been constant to remind us, but that's all we want to be in debt over. Our own home.

The cutting up of the MasterCard will take place today! Tears may possibly be shed?

We sold some things, and paid off our MasterCard with it [in two days]! We had four bills in all that have to be paid off, so we're down one with three more to go! And we will have our second bill paid off in probably two or three weeks.

I am SO proud of us! But we couldn't have done it without prayer and LOTS of Jesus.

Lesson #1 of being married:

As Dave Ramsey says 'Sell things! It's not like you can't go buy it when you actually have the money to.'

Oh Dave, such a wise man! And if it weren't for my parents buying us the Audio CD's and DVD's, we wouldn't have buckled down so fast! Our problem isn't really that we haven't had money for the things we want, but that we (I) have this brilliant idea to 'just put it on the card' so we don't have to 'use the money right now' knowing in the long haul, if we don't pay it off within a year- interest will kill us.

Thank thank thank thank THANKfully, we haven't and WON'T reach the point to crazy interest fees. :)

According to Dave Ramsey, we [everyone] spend 23% more money when we are using a card, rather than if we were using cash. He was saying, when you have a card and you go to buy stuff you're like 'oh just put it on the card!' because you don't really have to see what you're spending, etc. But when you have cash, and you go somewhere, it's like you don't even want to spend anything because you have some sort of attachment with the cash. Because it's right in front of you, and like he said 'Uncle Benjamin becomes part of the family!' and I have noticed this is very true!

Think about it! I encourage everyone to get the Dave Ramsey DVD's. Even if you aren't in debt, he talks about better budgeting, etc.

Happy Friday, Dolls!


LauraLou said...

I've heard so many good things about Dave Ramsey! We're in the process of becoming debt free too (aside from our house) with David's car being the main thing we're working to pay off. As soon as I get a full-time job we should have it paid off in no time and then my income will all go straight to savings! :)

Congrats to you! That's so great!

whitney said...

Dave is awesome!

As if I know him personally.. hah

Alex(andra) said...

Yay!! That's awesome! I've heard lots of great things too. Once we're out of school, I think I will most definitely buy some of his stuff. For us, it'd just be impossible to try to pay off all our student loans now (Sadly). We're working on paying some of them off though, which is better than nothing. I'm ready to buy a house, too!!

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