..I haven't blogged since Wednesday! Sorry!

Thursday was Michael's off day so we spent the day together because I got off work a little after eleven :] We went to Chili's for dinner and just spent time with one another!

Yesterday, Mom gave me the day off so I could clean her house, haha! I would much rather clean the house then go to work :] I was done by 12:15 or so and then I went to get Zoe from the splash pad with her Nonna, Haven, Chloe and friends! She spent the night with us last night, she's 19 months! She is such a smiley baby! And she is just precious. Michael is attached to say the least.. He LOVES her!

We went to Logan's for dinner last night and we had the waiter going that she was our child. Why not? It was fun pretending to be parents! We woke up this morning at about 8 and Michael made us both some Oatmeal and then he got ready for work! I fed Zoe and then we took Michael to work since his car is at work and came back and turned on Hannah Montana and Zoe has been out like a light ever since!

I'm going to lay down while she's sleeping and while Zeke and Xoe -with an X- are laying down :)

Happy Saturday, Loves!


donna said...

sp glad zoe was good for yall then again she always is,shes a happy girl to sun it up,but really i think haven would pass as your child whitney,lol. i had a wonderful day with my mom,we never get time together cause we always have babies!thanks again with love donna

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