oh happy days :]

you. are. gorgeous.
have i told you that lately? well you are :)

what a fabulous weekend we had :) michael sold another car, and we spent our weekend savoring every moment we had with one another, because he works everyday but sunday and thursday. so sunday is OUR day, unfortunately he rarely has a night where he can go to bed without having to wake up and go to work. ugh. but, it's so wonderful waking up to my best friend every morning, and the fact that he has those beaming blue eyes doesn't hurt ;) i hope and pray we have atleast one child that has those blue eyes. small chance, but i think it could happen, right? haha. i have hazel eyes, as does my mom & sisters. but my daddy has pretty navy-ish blue eyes. but as you can see, michaels are BLUE!

i got to spend my entire weekend with these lovelies:

look at those eyes! isn't he precious?

these are the same eyes that are staring at me as we speak. someone is ready to lay down! but i bet you couldn't tell? ;)

btw, if you're ever in florence, al you must must must eat at fat boys grille. yes i said fat boys :) it was delish! and the live music was also fantabulous!

well dahhling, i'm sorry this post wasn't the most lively of the ones i have written, but i promise i will update tomorrow, thank you Jesus--we have wi-fi now! :) please please, stop yelling. i'm excited too ;)

tootles & smooches!
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