day 1: MOM!

it's february! do you know what this means!?
we have to start our valentine's day count down, of course! :)
only 12 more days til valentines day!
only 3 more days til our 5 month anniversary/dear john hits theaters!
so here is a few things to get you in the spirit, because i'm stoked!

what we have here are:

some yumsy candies, adorable cuppycakes & heart gauges!

how can that NOT make you smile!? :]

oh, and a little something extra for our next picture; this is what i told mikey i would like when we buy a house and get another puppy [one day] :)

ohmygosh. is he not precious? but until then, i must take care of the sweet furbabies i already have. they are such sweeties. and they're still babies :)

so until valentine's day, each day i'm going to pick someone i love, and tell you why. feel free to share with me! i love hearing your stories too!

today i'm going to have to say my mom :]

my mom is very strong, independent, beautiful, & hilarious. i remember when i ever brought a guy home to meet my parents when i was in high school, it was my mom they were intimidated by. NOT my dad. haha, too funny. my mom is very strong-willed & she doesn't hold back on her words. i think she gives me my mouth. haha. i am so very blessed also that she has given me a job. although we knock heads sometimes i really enjoy working with her & having "hock chockolick" time at about 3:00 everyday. she is the best mom and i couldn't have asked Jesus for a better one. i guess that's why he hand-picked her for me :) i love you mawwwwm :)

goodnight :]]



Lovely Brianna said...

WHITNEY....I haven't talked to you in a couple of days=(
My Mikey has been really sick it tonsillitis, possibly mono So please say a prayer for him!

Text me so we can do something!
bye girl:)

whitney said...

aww poor mikey :( he is definately in our prayers! i know, i'm so sad. we never talk since school started back!

i'll be texting you!:)

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