child-like faith :)

oh. my. gosh.
it has been like, a long time it seems since i have blogged! i have so many things to [re-cap] you on and tell you about and SO many pictures to share! :) [but i don't have my camera here at work so pictures will have to wait!] don't worry, i haven't forgotten about you guys :) i have just been so busy. weird since it seems like all i do is work and sleep haha.

i had a dream last night and i am a dreamer. [a big. crazy. fabulous. foreal. dreamer] and last night this verse was very clearly in my dream and i kept thinking "oh my gosh, whitney read this when you wake up, don't forget--sub-consciously.
"But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a strangers voice. "
John 10:5
i texted my husband this morning when i remembered the verse and asked him what it really means? now, if you don't know michael, he can tell you ANYTHING about the bible, he KNOWS the bible. and that's something that i really love about him. he has that "child-like faith" that faith that says "i don't know why i'm doing it, i just know the voice of the Lord and that's what he said to do." whether it's something small or something as big as getting married only 4 months after you fell in love with someone. but as michael says "i knew i wanted to marry you and spend forever with you. why would i wait? i know the Lords voice" gives me chills!

if you don't know our story, a short review is me and michael knew of one another for years before we "met" i didnt like him, he didnt like me. one of those "clique" things that are totally un-necessary. so cliché and rediculous. but hey, that's highschool. --anyways, we finally met, and fell in love within a matter of weeks. we dated for 2 months and he proposed 2 days after our "2 month anniversary" on june 26, 2009--we got married on september 5, 2009--and here we are, married for almost 5 months on january 25, 2010 and i couldn't be more happy. talk about knowing the voice of the Lord!

so michael said he thought this meant "God is continuing to draw you near to Him and teaching you his voice" which is exactly what i was thinking. we all have our times were the Lord tells us to do something insane and we're like "maybe that wasn't really him talking, maybe its me, how do I have so much favor from a man who died for ME!?" and that's God.
saying "whitney, it's me. i'm here. and as long as you keep distinguishing my voice from man, you're going to be okay. i will never ever ever let you fall."

also, for you who don't know-- a rainbow is a symbol for God's promise to us. and on our wedding day, during our ceremony we had a rainbow right over us. how insane is that?

Jesus does crazy, insane, things. don't you love it? always pushing us out of our box right into where we're least comfortable. but we give it to him, follow the path he has for us, and we always end up finding peace in those situations.
my friends mom, made me a painting of a dark dead tree with a cocoon on one side, and on the other side a bright, vibrant, grass & tree with a beautiful "queen" butterfly. which is something i totally needed. as i was saying about coming out of your box, since april of 2009 i have been coming out of my "cocoon" more so in the church aspect. and now i'm a butterfly :)

last night, we went to eat at some friends from church house. jamie & heather. jamie told us he could see huge ministry coming from the two of us, together, in the future. which is a word that we have heard from several people. which is amazing. and i know that word had an impact on why i dreamed john 10:5. because i said i will never do ministry. never. say. never. it's not that i don't want to do ministry, because we do! it's just that i never thought i would have the ability to help people grow in the Lord. it's so awesome to me that we have been chosen to, one day, help the lives of others who have been right in the "i don't even know where to go now" shoes we were once in.

remember: Jesus speaks to us in different ways, nothing is a "coincidence," i believe he has a sense of humor for sure. some people dream, some have visions, some prophetic. which are all amazing. i have crazy visions & dreams. everyone is different, in a good way! :)

he loves you, and so do i, take a moment to thank Him! :)

he has a promise for you!

--as i said this morning to twitterville, "This morning i woke up with breath in my lungs and a beating heart; it's going to be a fabulous day!"

enjoy the sunshine alabama-- i adore you lovely kiddos mucho!



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