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good afternoon :]

i know i haven't been blogging every single day but we have been busy lately! thankfully, we are finally "comfortable" and the money is flowing! [thank you Jesus!]

so my favorite show ended last night. [16 & prego/teen mom] until february 16 when a new batch of girls comes through! and of course next week when they meet with dr. drew. haha :)

the other night, when we went to eat at jamie & heather's house, jamie said something to us and it really got me. he said "never ever ever go to sleep mad at your husband/wife." of course, i have heard this before, a bajillion time actaully. we actually have a cute little thing on our wall that says "always kiss me goodnight." don't get me wrong, we have been perfectly fine.. it was just something that got me thinking, you know? jamie said when you go to bed angry, the enemy is basically stirring it all up inside your little brain all night long, and when you wake up the next day you're more than likely going to be even more ticked off. stupid satan. so hug your hunny today and let him know you love him, and always kiss him before bedtime :)

my bigger-than-me-little-not-so-little-16-year old-sister, hanna--[she is 16, taller than me, and i still call her my little sister with the image in my head that she is still a curly headed, 4 year old, blonde, baby. :')] but she isn't so young anymore. she is SIXTEEN, sheesh-she's noticeable taller than me, brown headed, and not a little baby anymore, anyways, before i get all teary eyed! hanna said the other day "satan is under your feet, right where he should be, so but a little spring in your step ;]" or something to that effect, haha. but i get this image in my head that makes me happier than ever. the image of satan in hell, with all of God's people just having a good 'ole time lettin him have it! hanna is awesome [even though we argue sometimes] she really has a heart for God and over the past few months her heart for him has tremendosuly grown.

not only does my sister have a heart for God, but she has a passion for painting, drawing, anything artistic--she can do it! sometimes i wish i had that ability, but i'll leave all the hard stuff to hanna ;) she's always wanting to go one step further in learning about the Lord. participating in any activity, service, internship that she can find. her heart really inspires me :')

so today, i challenge you to give all you can to our precious daddy God and let him know you love him! give a little stomp on satan & a kissy to your hubs :)

remember to keep the haiti crisis in your thoughts and prayers!

today give some old t's to red cross for children who have nothing, paint a picture and let the Lord blow your mind, anything! i promise he wont let you down!

love you to pieces sugar :)



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