jesus heals: update on riley

i will post again today, but for now i have an update on little riley!

i got the news last night from riley's cousin, heather, that the dr.'s checked riley and he has 2 bumps on his head [these bumps are cancer, but it was TEN, now it's TWO!] so it can be healed also! and NO tumors on his spine! [he had NINE yesterday!]

also, this morning-- riley woke up and was complaining when they shined the light in his eyes, this means riley's vision is coming back!

keep you're prayer panties one, because Jesus is showing up and showing out! keem them coming jesus! and prayer warriors please pray! :)

other requests:

holly [michael's old boss]-- was in a wreck and goes to neurosurgeon this morning, pray for healing!

susan [church friend]-- goes to lung doctor this morning, pray for good news!

until later.. :) xoxo


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