m+m+w+b = m²wb


to start the day off with a fabulous BANG, i didn't have to go to work--again!

after being lazy with my sweet puppies all morning long, we decided to get up and mikey came home to eat leftover ricebox with me :) when we left i went to the mall and did a "little" shopping. when i say a little shopping that means i spent a littleTOOmuch money. at my favorite place of course, free people clothing boutique. if you know me, you know i have expensive taste. it's terrible! i am NOT a bargain shopper and i never will be. oh how i envy my older sister, not that se actually uses her bargain techniques ;)but what i got was lovely. and actually rocked the outfit today. i know i know-- like a kid on christmas. couldn't wait to rip the tags off!

after my wonderful shopping experience, i came home and got ready to head out to see youth in revolt with this lovely couple. this is brianna and michael. aren't they adorable!? i thought so too. her michael has been a good friend of my michael's for quite some time, and i consider her a good friend of mine. she's a new friend and she is just as sweet as can be! and be sure to look at her blog!

after the movies we had dinner, and then we were off to rivertown, a local coffee shop to get some "hock chockalick" as my momma says! but after a few things happened [nothing to do with my hubs] we decided not to--and we came on home.

tomorrow is the day, for eating healthy and starting to excercise. therefore, i hope i have one heck of a long night of sleep! EW!

well lovelies, i think it's time to catch some z's. i hear the oh so fabulous roar of 2 dogs snoring, and one sleepy mikey. looks like it's obviously time to go to bed!

see you all tomorrow, and remember-- you're beautiful how God made YOU!



Lovely Brianna said...

You're adorable!
Had so much fun:) MUST do it more often!!

whitney said...

yes we should!

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