i love my little hunny bunny. even though he can be a pain in my boo-twa; not that he has been today. haha, i thought this was just cute-- and explains a fun marriage :)

i haven't heard an update on little riley tonight, but keep praying. so far so good :)

right now i'm watching teen mom which is like my favorite show right now! i loveLOVElove them all and it is so amazing to see girls who have had babies young and unexpectedly but still go above and beyond to succeed in life for them & for their babies!

maci, ryan & bentley

maci & bentley--my fav!

catelynn & tyler--they put baby carly up for adoption

gary, amber & leah

farrah and sophia

and omGOSH a new 16 and pregnant is coming on feb. 16!:) i am beyond excited.

i have been thinking about valentine's day a lot i have soo many things i want to do for my mikemike! but i can't put any ideas or pictures up because he looks at this blog! errr.



Lovely Brianna said...

So what ideas have you come up with....:) SO SO SOOOOO EXCITING!!!

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