the lovely little things

good evening dahling(:

i'm new at the "blogging" thing so give me time.
i've JUST now figured it out, after having it for months.
so many things have already happened in 2010!

i've recently fallin in love with a website called ETSY.
where everything is hand made.
it's all so unique & cute-as-a-button!
here's a look at a few things i'm dying to have:

this knitted 'boggin is SO adorable, i LOVE it.

i loveLOVElove these handmade sprinkle plugs.
YES, these are sprinkles.. like cake sprinkles!

don't you love it!? i knew you would:)

while i'm here at my parents, patiently waiting on my sweet husband to
get off of work, i was browsing the internet and found something i think
he would just look absoulutely gorgeous in [even MORE gorgeous than he
already is, of course]
abercrombie & fitch vintage polo
..my mikey has amazing blue eyes, not just blue eyes but like, BLUE
eyes! and i love it when he wears blue; and i think he would look just
lovely in this :)
last but certainly not least, congrats to ALL my friends who have recently
gotten engaged, my sister being one of them.

..this is my beautiful big sister. she's getting married in august.
her photography was by erica
..this is mikeys BEST friend since he was a little boy.
he was the best man in our wedding :)
they're getting married in september.

..this is another one of mikeys BEST friends, who he used to live with.
lindsey is also a good friend of mine. they are SO precious.
and they're getting married this summer:)
well, it's time to eat & watch my shows :)
can't wait to see my sweet husband


Erica said...

i LOVE etsy too!! i bought some christmas presents from there and am going to open up a shop of my own hopefully this year!
love ya!

whitney said...

really!? everything on there is so precious.. definatly tops ebay in my book! haha what will you be making? paintings and things? i can't wait to see :)
love you too!

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