lovely days

hey lovely :)

so i see someones blog today, and it looks exactly like mine! haha, how annoying is that? my reaction too. but then i was like, "i guess my blog is soo cute!" not coming up with your own stuff is kind of elementary and annoying, BUT oh well :)

i haven't gotten an update on little riley today, so im nervous! i know Jesus is going to continue to do his thing, so why be nervous? i'm pretty sure he is under control :) gosh, if i was in charge of his job idk what i'd do! haha

today i had to go to work until noon or so, it was michael's off day. i am so thankful for my mom being so leniant of my hours, and still paying me very nicely! so, when i got home we went to get my oil changed which was highly needed since i had 0% oil life left. "/ procrastination is my middle name, BTW. anyways, it was beautiful in alabama today! i mean just beautiful. so me and michael went to the park with our dogs and it was funny. you can tell they had never walked on a leash before because they were just bouncing everywhere, haahh. we stayed outside for probably 2 hours in all.

where here at my parents tonight, getting ready to watch jersey shore! :) it's a fav too. the finale is tonight i think? idk. my day was so interesting wasnt it? maybe not to you, but i had fun! haha :)

i lovelovelove these!

you can purchase them here or at your local victoria secret store & email me for shipping deatils :)

well, it's time for me to go!

goodnight shuuggga; loves you (:



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