rainy days in alabama

good afternoon bloggers :)

it's so gross outside in alabama today! when you're outside anyways. i wish i could just lay in my bed all day with my puppies & my sound maker-, oh- and mikey too! ;)

i was woken up to a text from my mom that haiti was hit with the aftershock of the earthquake this morning at 6AM. this whole situation saddens me, i wish i could just go and get everyone, from tiny babies to grown ups and board them all in my home. but unfortunately, my two bedroom apartment isn't thinking that's such a good idea. but i will find a way to help, even if it just means taking everything i don't wear anymore to the red cross and sending it all to haiti. or maybe.. just maybe, i could sneak in there. okay, i won't try that--so for now, they are constantly in my prayers.

these people need our prayers! these photos don't even show half of the damage that was done in haiti. there are people there who can't find their families, people who don't have food, and people who don't even know how loved they are. if this happened to us, wouldn't our first reaction be "why us!? why did this happen to US!?"

even if you can't GO and help them there are plenty of other things you can do.
1. give money- this will help supply them with the things they need like food, water, clothing, and medical care.
2. send food- you can send any kind of canned food [anything that won't rot, or go bad, etc] water, they NEED water!
3. send clothes- they don't care how expensive it was, they don't care what it looks like or if it's too big, they don't care if it came from american eagle or a thrift store.
*they need these things, they have been stripped from everything they own.

please do your part and help these precious people! pray for love and protection over haiti, even though this happened to them Jesus is still so in love with them! they are beautiful and precious no matter what!

on a good note, nely [our sponsor child] isn't from haiti. she is from guatemala. but the place we sponsor her through, world vision, are doing a LOT for the haiti crisis, become a fan of them on facebook for daily updates if you aren't already! :)

hope you all are having a good day so far, i'm not sure if i will be able to update again tonight. we will be busy busy! church at 7 & we're keeping the nursery. so i am sure i will have some photos to share at some point in time :]

pray for:
-my mom may have pneumonia
-riley canerday
-our friend, quaid-his grandmother is really sick
-michaels xboss, holly having surgery on her back
-our friend, jamie is having elbow surgery
-our worship leader, micah broke his ankle
*we're not worried, the devil is trying to attack but when Jesus heals them all like he is doing for little riley that'll just be a slap in satans face. take that!

until later :) ..xoxo


Lovely Brianna said...

So so SO encouraging. Made me want to get my selfish lazy butt up and actually DO SOMETHING...ANYTHING to help those poor people!
Thanks Girl=)

whitney said...

you're welcome :) we all need a little boost sometime [myself included!]

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