no work = fun day for the TOMLINS

hello :)

well our day started out awesome. how could it not when we have another day, another breath to breathe, and someone we love next to our side? and of course an adorable puppy staring you in the eyes :]

today was michaels off day, and the worst part of thursday's is having to go to work knowing i could be home with my mikemike all day long!

but, i woke up to a text saying i didnt have to come in until 11:30, and then a text that i didn't have to come in at all, due to work being so slow today!

alabama was so pretty today! it was in the 50's after a week of teens and twenties, and the sun was shining ALL day! we went to get xoe's nails done and then to get her a princess collar; she loves it can't you tell? :)

later we got a bite to eat, and gauged my ears from an 8 to a 4. terrible idea, they hurt so bad. but they're cute right?

eeeeek! we're at my parents now, thanks for the ricebox guys ;) and now it's time to watch our shows. see you guys tomorrow :)



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