puppy love

hello lovely :)

today was great day for the tomlin household. starting my day off, i walk outside to head to work and what is sitting at my feet? a gorgeous little puppy. now, if you know me, you know i would never in a million years leave an animal at the door step. [i'll be the lady with 25 dogs one day] just don't tell my husband that;)

anyways, i finally found the owner of the puppy "bella" and she belongs to a neighbor a few doors down. this is our new neighbor and i found out today she has parkinsons disease. the has already lost her dog twice since she moved in, she said she keeps "forgetting" to put her on her leash or bring her back inside. terrible, i know. so be sure to keep this precious lady and her furbaby in your prayers please and thank you!

when i checked the mail, this was there. needless to say, i had a happy camper for a husband when he saw it!

i came home from work, only to remember it's my sweet husbands early day! so i didn't have to spend the normal 3.5 hours alone until he got here. he came home at five thirty, i was getting ready for church and we started looking at how far we have came since april of 2009.

re-cap [we "met" [we knew one another for 4 years just weren't friends] in late may of 2009, started dating late april of 2009, got engaged late july of 2009 and got married on september 5 of 2009.] when god says go--you GO. soon or not. and i loveLOVElove every waking moment i spend with this sweet man. he is more than amazing, and gorgeous at that ;)

after spending an hour looking at pictures we were already 30 minutes late and i STILL had no idea what i was wearing. so we decided to put on our comfy's and get a bite to eat and ride around town. [one of my fav things to do with him.] therefore, my night was LAZY, and LOVE LAZY. especially when i get to lay around in my comfy's with my mikey.

well lovelies, it's time for bed-- see you all tomorrow :]
*keep my sister hanna, in your prayers. she is being tested for MONO.



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