fabulous, just fabulous.

hello gorgeous :)

you look LOVELY today! ahhah. today was filled with excitement, no, really. SATURDAY! so no work for whitney today. not that i have worked like, any lately. but hey hey hey, it's OKAY with me! (: i do kinda miss my boss' face though. so gorgeous--boss lady is my mom, BTW ;) what were you thinking, silly!?

so i woke up late, again. like, i really dont even know what to do with the fact that i wake up at lunch time, and i am perfectly okay with it. i know i know, i'm lazy. and i rarely get anything done. anyways, i woke up at lunch time and was craving a big ZALAD! [zaxbys salad] so, i went and got me one! i couldnt eat the entire thing, but i tried to.

doesnt this look yummy? it was :)

after my hubs got home from work we went to taco bell, where our total was less than $8. i'm sure by reading my last few blogs you think i eat out WAY too much. but i'm actually just putting off grocery shopping. but tomorrow is the day, walmart here i come. blehhh.

i said "SMILE" and she did :)

as a weekend ritual we have to go to the local coffee shop [rivertown] and get hot chocolate. so that's exactly what we did! it was so good. i'm pretty sure it has lots and lots of chocolate and a dab of milk or something in there, just how i like it!

rivertown coffee shop


after getting some yummies we were off to go back home and watch a movie :) i loveLOVElove cuddling up next to my love and watching a good movie. it was absolutely fabulous! and i'm sure ill be watching it again soon.

flick of the night

thats all for today lovesies. it sleepy time for the TOMLINs :)
see you tomorrow, gorgeous!



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