ketchup :)

it's cold in alabama today! actually it's snowing/sleeting. schools were closed and i'm off work, but that doesn't mean it's a blizzard. well, to us alabamians it is :) so on my wonderful snow day i'm going to do a "ketchup day" yes :) catch you up on all the things i haven't been able to put pictures up of lately. from dinners, to friends. i'm going to show you it all! :)

1, 2, 3, GO!

hot chocolate time! from our favorite little coffee shop in florence; rivertown

as you can see, they don't like it when they don't get to ride along. they LOVE the car. but it has been way too cold for their little bones. well, zekey's little bones.

this was the night i talked about in one of my previous post. this is on the patton island bridge and of course we couldn't leave until michael climbed on something, i guess he got what he deserved :D

i FINALLY went to the eye doctor. procrastination is my middle name. but i got this adorable contact case, how lovely is that!?

fabulous! we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast one morning. cute, huh? :)

i get to be serenaded and stared at while making dinner :)

TADA! spicey noodles with mini toast on the side :]

yes, he loveddd it!

this was this morning before it got crazy, brrr.

well lovelies, i hope you enjoyed ketchup time from the past week of pictures:)
i finished "dear john" and if you havent read it you MUST go buy it, before the ice storm hits of course. then read "the last song" it's my current pick of the week :]

i hope you all stay safe and enjoy the snow here in alabama! :)

keep my friend lily in your prayers, she's driving back from louisianna in this awful weather!

i love you muchies & have a fab day!



Erica said...

i LOVE your plates!! :)

Chelsey Hill said...

Whitney, Yeah I think we are friends on facebook. I used to go to church with your hubby a long time ago lol. His parents live by my fiancee's grandmother I think lol or they use to lol? As for the slidshow...it is a few steps I will try to explain the best I can and if it makes no since just let me know... 1st log onto your blog and click on the layout tab 2nd click on add gadget when you click on that a list of gadgets should come up and one of them should say slidshow. 3rd click on that and if you already have your photos in an album in Picasa or one of the other sources that there are you can just click on album and then type in your Picasa username and then pick the album that you want to use!!! If you dont have them in one of those sources I like Picasa.. Like I said if this makes no since just let me know...GOOD LUCK

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