top two tuesday; favorite items under $15.00

If you've never participated in top two tuesday at the undomestic momma then you are missing out, big time! I absolutely LOVVVEEEE it! It's pretty much the reason I wake up on Tuesdays ;]

This weeks topic is.....
[drum roll paaaaleaaaaseee!]

Favorite items under $15.00!

Ummmmm I have a lot of things to choose from! But for today, I'll show you two of my TODAYS favorites :)

This vinyl sticker for your car. I have a thing for "XO's" don't ask why!
YOU can purchase one here for only $3.00 :)

This AVON nail polish but in VIVA PINK!

YOU can purchase yours here choosing from 21 fabulous colors! They are ONLY $5.99 but today ONLY they are $2.99! :)

happy tuesday!


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok i was so not expecting the XOXO stickers....why for your car? ha ha

Mari said...

I really like Avon nail polish, they have awesome colors!

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