FIRST first fridays of 2010

GOODmorning bloggers! gosh, it is WAY too early. it's nasty, rainy & stormy; ick. BUT today, i will be attending mrs. mcclures easter party with a bunch of other 70 year old ladies. :] ha! she's too sweet, i couldn't tell her no.

last night was FIRST FRIDAYS here in florence! i love first fridays. it's where everyone goes downtown, and people have booth's, shops, tables and restraunts open until about 9 o'clock and sale hand made stuff! anywhere from homemade bread [yummm], jewelry, tshirts, art, photography, anything they like to make, and sell it! and of course, you will receive a million pamplets about becoming a christian. one guy took it a little too far and spend his night on the corner, on a ladder, yelling if people don't change their "going to hell." well, yes.. that's very true- but that's also a great way to shut people off dontcha think? if i were to walk up to you and say "if you don't stop doing that you're going to hell!" and then i invited you to my church would you want to go? yeah, me neither.

anyways! here's some pictures of me and mikey from last night :] sadly, as much as i love the night life on first fridays, we didn't take any AT first fridays. BOO!


Alex(andra) said...

They have First Fridays in Wichita, too! I'm sad I didn't get to go... We get people who come onto campus and yell about going to hell like that. Makes everyone kinda uncomfortable. Haha. Hope you have a great weekend!

whitney said...

haha really!? they had people do that at the university here too! i hope you have a great weekend girl!

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