top two tuesday; beauty secrets

this is what i do at work. thank you webcam :)
please excuse me being a terrible blogger the past few days! i would say i've been busy, and even though it seems like i have been, i really have no idea what has been keeping me so busy! ha!

today is top to tuesday at the undomestic momma again.. but i have nothing :( i have no beauty secrets. but i saw on taylors page beer makes your hair shiny! girlfriend i will be trying that out!

me and michael are going at 12:00 to see what we can get approved for on a house! i am so excited, the only bad thing is i'm so picky about my 'living space' let alone spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on MY own home.

how glorious.

it makes me remember all the times my mom said 'you can live like a pig in your own home one day, but not in mine!'

referring to my trying on one outfit and then tossing it to the floor, or leaving all kinds of products all over the bathroom sink. but i learned a year ago when i moved out on my own for the first time, i could no longer be that girl! haha. it was weird, when i got out on my own i immediately became OCD about being clean, and everything being in a particular order. poor michael.. he came around at the early stages! and now he is stuck with it forever :]

well guys, pray we atleast get approved for a reasonable amount and i'm declaring Jesus messes with the numbers a tad bit ;]

hope you have a wonderful tuesday!♥


Ria Thurston said...

I was the sammmeee way with my mom. Now it's all about being clean, clean, clean. SO FUNNY how that works, it's the OWNERSHIP thing. Once it is your OWN you treat it differently... sad but SO true! Blessings on the approval -- let me know how that goes!

Alissa said...

What a cute headband! Love it! I had to think of some tips myself, I knew I had them, but it took me some thinking time.

whitney said...

thanks girls!

and i will ria!

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