I have the fever..


Okay, cheesy I know. But what do you expect from me? Every freakin' girl I know has just had a baby or is currently pregnant. Even when I go places everyone is holding a tiny baby or has a big 'ole baby belly.

Don't get me wrong, we want to have a baby when GOD is ready for us to have a baby.
But how fun is it to look!? SO fun.

So i'm a 'bout to get a little baby crazy, if you don't care about my 'fever' I suggest you exist now, it's about to get silly!

I'd like to have 3-5 kids, and 1-2 of them be adopted little girls from China :]

Future baby girls names I love [* are my faves!]:
-*Layla Louise [Louise was my Oma's name, she did in November of '08]
-Paisley Harper
-*Kingsley Sophia
-*Piper Ava
-*Honor Emery
-Nevaeh Alexis [Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards]

Boy names that I love:
-Kingston Zion
-Liam Archer [Archer is my maiden name]
-Malachi 'Chi' Kagen

I LOVE all the little girl clothes. When we go to target I catch myself drifting to the baby section and when we go to the mall I start at the adult side of GAP and travel slowly to the baby store.

The fever is obviously worse now that we're married and can actually have a baby. But I have ALWAYS loved kids. Always. I was the little girl with the Lee-Middleton doll who bought her baby real clothes, diapers, pacifiers, etc.
So over the past 15+ years.. My Fever has progressed! Haha.

Here's is a few things I CANNOT wait to spoil my baby girl with!
Note: none of these pictures were taken by me

And here are some thing I will punk my boy out with ;] :
Note: none of these pictures were taken by me

oh. my. gosh.
I cannot wait.


P.S. Sorry for wasting your time. But I just can't help myself. :)


Emily said...

Haha LOVE it!

Erica said...

you are so funny! you know you can borrow my boys whenever you want ;) LOL

Mateya said...

haha...so cute! I catch myself doing the same thing and we aren't even married yet! My soon to be Sister in Law is pregnant and I think I am jealous, but I love hearing her stories and thinking about what I can buy my new niece or nephew! :)

whitney said...

emily- HAHA! :)
erica- PLEASEEEEEEEE when can i have them again!?
mateya- michaels sisters are 19 & 16 so hopefully no babies soon lol and mine are 25 & 16. and none of them are married. but my older sister will be in august ;)

Ria Thurston said...

Ohhh it does help to have babies to "practice" on :) We are SO thankful for our nieces. Baby fever is GROWING here too!

Alex(andra) said...

I definitely know how you feel! If you caught my "problem" post with the pictures of all the baby clothes I have... yup. Haha. It's just so much fun to think about!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

girl take it from me...have them young and have them many!!!
i had my first at 22 and i love(d) being a young mom
I'm 36 w/a 13, 11, 9, 19m, and praying for 2 more!

i say bring on the babies! haha

Shannon said...

Don't feel bad, I've got it too! I've only been married for a little over 1 week, but my sister-in-law is almost 8 months pregnant so we're about to be an aunt and uncle for the first time, plus my husband has wanted kids since he was 23, so we're just going to let it happen when it's meant to be. It's tough to fight the fever, though! I love the Juicy Couture stuff for your future baby girl! So adorable!

Danielle said...

this cracks me up! i thought i was the only one who felt that way! i don't even have a boyfriend at the time, now what does THAT say to ya?! lol i completely understand though! little babies are the best! God has the perfect time for you! think of how exciting it will be because of all the anticipation you have stored up! :) ps. i did a post for wild wednesdays!

whitney said...

eekkkk thank you for all the comments!

[and wild wednesday post!!]

i love knowing you're readin my blog AND have the same 'problem' although alex's 'problem' is the worst.... hahahahah jk girl!

bring on the beeeeebeeeeees!

Serline said...

Hey, I've got to get me one of those "My Mom is Hot" T-shirts!

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, ALL of the baby stuff is so cute! You're making me catch baby fever, ha! ;)

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