I need your help!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Just a quick little post for now, more to come later!

Alabama weather is gorgeous right now! Sunny & a little breezy!
I'm about to die from hunger at work as we speak. Blehhh.
BUT guess what is coming up!? OUR BEACH TRIP!! I am so excited. The entire family is going to PC for Memorial Day weekend. It's going to be SO fun :) Only like a month to go.. ha!

Also- I need your help! I go through this phase every year. When my hair gets so long I get the urge to just chop it off. If you know me, you know I have no patience what-so-ever and I tend to go get it cut the DAY this process starts. I got the urge to cut my hair a few weeks ago and everyone is telling me not to, but my Mom likes it shorter. I regret it every single time, so why am I even doing this!? Who. Knows.

All I know is this mane is so THICK and so much to keep up with! I would LOVE to wake up, get a quick shower and it not take 1.5 hours to get ready-1 hour of that time being my hair.


ALSO-- I need some more color! I'm keeping it brown, but I want some other colors mixed up in there.

Suggestions? YES, please.


Danielle said...

wow. we are way more alike than i assumed! i am the SAME way. when i get sick of my hair, something HAS to be done. like, now. ha. get some cut off, but DON'T chop it off! like do something medium? maybe some layers so it's not hard to maintain! and color is GORGEOUS! lots of browns and bronzes would be gorge!

whitney said...

ah! i think i have decided im going to keep it long, but get some layers and side bangs like ummmm nicole richies when she has short hair? and but in caramel and bronzes! ahhh yes!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I do the exact same thing with my hair!!! I have no ideas for you but I may steal some ideas that people give you!

Kristina said...

DON'T CUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I regret cutting mine! I want it to be as long as yours. I'm thinking about putting highlights or something in mine. Ive NEVER dyed it before so i'm still ify. :]

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