a day without shoes

so in case you didn't know, today was "a day without shoes" supported by TOMS shoes!
today, people all across the united states were going barefooted at their homes, work places, schools, etc. just to raise awareness for all the kids who have no choice but to go barefooted every single day.

no matter how cold the ground is, or how scalding hot the pavement is, they still have no shoes. with cuts and bruises on their little feet, they have NO choice. but WE DO. we also had the choice to do this today, so i did! :] i know tons of people who did!

our entire little family participated ;]


Alex(andra) said...

Nice! People all over campus did this today, and then they walked a mile from campus to the city park! Sadly, one of my professors said that we had to wear shoes or he'd kick us out of class (seriously!) and then I had to work... with coffee, so I had to wear shoes there too. But I'm shoeless now! =)

whitney said...

ah! such a good cause!

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