top two tuesday; favorite magazines

yay for top 2 tuesday at the undomestic momma again :] i was seriously sitting at my desk at work yesterday thinking, "gosh i love top 2 tuesday" is that weird?

anyways, todays topic is..

top 2 favorite magazines!

eeeek! i love me some celebrity gossip. and along with taylor, my husband also thinks it's pretty much trash. i think it's a man thing. but no matter how many times you tell me "that's not even all true" i will still read every issue. and my mom always buys them for me and brings them in to work :]

i love LOVE loves me some us weekly. and of course i picked the cover with my two favorite girls on there!

where can you go wrong with OK! mag? once again, my two favorite girls! :]

also, everytime i go on a trip i'm always sure to grab every magazine so i can be somewhat entertained. i hate riding in the car. now i have that i have my favorite mags.. where's that beach vacay? :)

come link up with us at the undomestic momma :)
you will love it!

p.s. i just got to work and something accidently got mailed to my parents house, so my mom brought it to me:
the nest magazine [from the knot]
all of my newlywed friends must get it, i'm loving it!

happy tuesday!


Beth McC. said...

YAY! I love your picks! You can never go wrong with either of these-I love me some celebrity gossip! I Hope You Have A Great Day!

whitney said...

ah i know girl! you have a fabulous day too!

Risley said...

great picks!! I love the gossip too!

Alissa said...

I agree gossip always lures me in.

Lindsey said...

i miss both kendra and kortney being preggo - they were so cute! ha

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love them both!

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