easter phoTOES :)

before i start with the easter pictures i promised you, i figured i would give you a little background about all of them :)

first off, when i was loading them, for some reason the ones taken at the beginning of the day are all the way at the bottom. [and you know i'm not about to re-do all of this! so, just pretend their in a different order :]

so if you'd like to see our day in order, then i suggest you scroll up and start at the bottom ;]

we woke up around 8:30 and got ready for an amazing church service! and of course we matched [pink] as did every other couple there ;] after church we went straight to my parents house to have a yummy easter lunch [and also got eater baskets from my parents :) how SWEET is that? married and still getting candy? AND avon perfume, shower gel, lotion? heck yes.] with my parents, my sisters & kelley's fiance. [steaks, baked potatoes, shrimp..yummm!] then we all headed off to the nursing home to see my papa and my aunt kathy and my uncle johnny were there.

in case you can't tell, he looks a LOT different [mostly just a LOT skinnier] than the other pictures i have shown you. but other than that, and the fact that he can't walk anymore he is doing really good :) i wheeled him on outside and my mommy fed him some ice cream! he was lovin' it! it was in the eighties and SO beautiful outside. my papa has always loved it outside. [the picture with my sisters dress pulled up is NOT how she normally looks, ha! she was being silly.]

after we left there- me, hanna, michael & her friend lily took zeke and xoe to the park. everyone was out on the river or there with their families and dogs, so sweet! [there was also a LOT of mexicans there.. and this child just happened to be wandering around in her undies. so thank you little girl, for the jungle book themed phoTOE:)]

afterwards we went to osaka with hanna and lily and it was amazing!

we had an amazing first easter being married.

as you can see, not to be partial, but i think i'm in love with the most gorgeous man in the world. :]

don't forget to leave me a comment telling me what you did this weekend :)

i love to hear all about ya'lls days!

enjoy lovelies!


Jenn said...

I'm LOVING the matching PINK! ;)

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