stolen x 3

so my friend brianna stole this from chloe, now i'm stealing it from brianna :]
it's just a fun little survey about some pretties.. makeup! i don't wear much make-up. thank you Jesus for blessing me with no acne problems [knock on wood, ha!] and dark complected skin. you'll never know how much i appreciate it! haha :)

i only wear mascara, eyeliner & eyeshadow.
and of course, as you know i am now an AVON rep, but we sell soooo much more than just makeup! so here we go. feel free to steal away!

how many times do you wash your face daily?
once, sometimes two. i always wash it when i get in the shower with..

and it feels SO good and refreshing with those little beads!

what skin type do you have?

what is your current facial wash?


do you exfoliate?

what moisturizer do you use?

do you have freckles?
NO. thank goodness, i only tan. some people look adorable with freckles. but me, i don't think that'd work out!

do you use eye cream?
nope, i'm not an old lady yet ;]

did you or do you have acne prone skin?
uhm, when i was in middle school [as if middle school isn't the most life changing years AS IS..] i didn't have a "problem" with it, but i know i would occasionally breakout around my hairline because of the oil in your hair and i have oily skin. but i don't currently have any issues! haha and i think a big reason is because i don't wear makeup on my face.

did you ever have to use proactiv?
those years i was just talking about, i used it then! :]

what foundation do you use?
i don't have to :) and i would feel like i had mud on my face if i put liquid makeup on every morning, ha! the times i did put anything on my face it was just bronzer and VERY little of it. i'm a big phobe when it comes to people's face being a different color than their neck. eeek!

do you use concealer?
sometimes i do under my eyes to wake them up a little bit! but if i do it's just a cheap CVS kind :)
do you know your undertone color?
i have NO idea what that is :]

what do you think of fake eyelashes?
my friend used them for her wedding and they looked gorgeous; very real-looking and FULL. and they stayed in for a LONG time. but i would never wear them for just no reason. i have extremely long eyelashes, which i LOVE!
[this is emma!]

did you know you're supposed to change your mascara every three months?
yes! but my mascara does NOT last anywhere near that long.

what brand of mascara do you use?

what make up tools do you use?
eye shadow brushes :]

what is your favorite eyeshadow color or shade?
brown. i wear brown alot :)

do you use pencil or liquid liner?
pencil! i tried liquid once, it didn't go over well. messy!

eeeeeek! there was so much more, but it was seriously getting so boring for me to write. so i hope you enjoyed half of a survey!

tonight i kept some rambunctious 2 & 3 year old with jessica at church, thenate and rode around with my mikey. tomorrow is a busy day ahead! i hope everyone has a safe, fun, and lovely easter! don't forget it's not just about the yumsy food or hunting eggs ;]

btw, i forgot to blog that yesterday was this hunks 93rd birthday! so here's to a man who is 93 years old and 10x cooler than i'll ever be! happy birthday papa!

tootlie loo bloggers!


The Army Wife said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I started reading past entries and I really really like your blog! I also really love makeup so I couldn't pass up this survey, so thanks for posting it! :-)

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