How I met my husband :D

  • This week over at Kelly's Korner, she's doing a blog hop called 'How you met your significant other' but I actually just posted our love story the other day! and you can find that post here :]
    it was actually a pretty big hit :)

    I will kind of elaborate on the story and let ALL of you know how thankful I am that God is in control and I'm not. I never would have picked Michael, honestly. He was that longboarding punk and I was that girly girl. But now I look, and I seriously think to myself.. 'HOW ON EARTH DID I GET SOMEONE SO AMAZING!?' I see girls wondering all the time where their special someone is, and I cannot be more serious when I say it happens when you don't even expect it.

    Michael Tomlin from 'Brooks' and Whitney Archer from 'Shoals Christian' are dating..engaged..married..what!?

    And it's going by WAY too fast! We have been married 8 months on May 5, [also Zekey's 1st birthday!-- yes, my dog!:)] and I feel like it was like a week ago. I still have one of the rose petals in my wallet that was sprinkled on the sand before I walked down the aisle by two precious little girls.

    I have all I could ask for!

    A cute, spacious, safe apartment
    ALMOST debt free
    A house in the next year
    My supportive, loving, ALWAYS there for us family
    A great church family
    Great group of friends
    We both have great jobs
    Two precious furbabies [z & xoe]
    Two cutsy little fishies [Tom & Lynn, HA! Get it? Tom & Lynn.. Our last name is Tomlin.. :)]

    ...Now we just need a baby... ;)


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