dear time, please slow down!

happy MONDAY everyone! :)
i'm sure you're waiting for all my Easter pictures but i won't be able to load them all on here until tonight :]

but for now..
happy 7 month anniversary to michael and me!

i cannot believe it's already been 7 months. where has the time gone? soon it'll be YEARS. this just all needs to pause and play in slow motion.

so in honor of our happy 7 months of marriage i'm going to name
7 things that make me love love love my precious husband.

1. how he kisses me the second his eyes open in the morning, even though most of the time i get mad because he wakes me up :]
2. how riding around in the car just talking isn't boring
3. how NO one could ever picture us together, and now that we're married- all we ever here is how perfect we are together.
4. how he stutters when he is "angry" or really nervous. [he is never angry]
5. how our styles are completely different.
6. how he is after God's own heart
7. how great he is in the... i mean at playing the guitar! :)

hahaha :]

so babe, i love you-more than you will ever know. and 7 months is only the beginning of forever! :)

tootlie loo


Ria Thurston said...

Cute!! 7 months for us was on Sunday... Easter :) Bless your marriage, cute couple!

Alex(andra) said...

Yay!! Time is flying by... 10 months for us will be on the 13th... how did that happen?! =)

whitney said...

congrats ria! and than you so much! :)

alex i know, i have no idea! it needs to slow down!

Alissa said...

Very sweet! Happy 7 months to you!

whitney said...

thank YOU!

Jenn said...

Aww Happy 7 Months!! :)

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