mommy for a day

is the role i played yesterday ;)

yesterday morning, i got a facebook message from erica asking if i could keep sean & nolan yesterday while she went to a baby shower. of course, i said yes! i LOVE those boys. they are seriously two of the most well-behaved little boys i know! and i don't know many 3 year olds, let alone 3 year old boys who are well-mannered :)

i conveniently live like 200 feet from a big park, so of course we 'strolled' there to play for a little while! :]

then when we got there, nolan decided to swing while sean played on every thing he could ;]

after about an hour or so sean wanted to stroll back to my house to play in a small patch of sand, so we did exactly that! [while he drank his 'superman' [red] slushie from sonic and we ate a bunch of snacks!

then nolan got verrrrry sleepy :]

and michael came home to play with sean sean.. and we made one more trip to the park :]

great saturday! i hope yours was as good as ours! :]


Erica said...

oh.my.gosh. those pictures cracked me up! seriously i almost woke dathan up! lol!

you two are the best. seriously! can't wait for thursday!

Jenn said...

Aww it looks like ya'll had fun! So when are you and your hubby planning on having a little one yourself?? ;)

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