mainly erica

i'm a slacker, i know. you don't have to tell me twice! i really have been busy. working, looking at houses, and today we went to erica's house to grill out and we played a fun game too :]

i love erica. while we were there, michael looked at me and said 'she is so strong.' and she is. mentally, emotionally, spritually. she has two adorable boys, [sean & nolan; the boys i babysat the other day] and a great husband, [dathan] who is a big kid, just like my husband! she's a photographer, she cooks, she cleans, she stays home with her children all day long, and she isn't insane. she's sweet, loving, 'more-than-fun-to-be-around' erica.

i strongly look up to her, her marriage, and her family. they just moved into the country, just moved churches, and i'm thinking their life is a little a lot hectic right now.

but just remember erica, you will be rewarded, and your day IS coming! -i love you!

well guys, i am seriously so tired. more than tired. crazy tired. i have to be up in the morning to go to work, and hopefully i will get a good rest in!

happy [in one hour] friday!


Erica said...

whitney you made my night. no, my week. i love you girl! needed to hear that encouragement tonight ;) thanks so much :) :)

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