that feeling

i have yet to have that feeling that people promised me i was going to get when i graduated high school in may of 2008.
"you better enjoy it now because one day you're going to miss it."
so far, anyways.
i never liked school, i'm not sure if it was the sitting in a hard chair all day listening to someone talk about things that mean nothing to me, or the waking up while it's still dark to actually GET there on time. who knows. but i do know, i haven't yet missed that place. and to tell you the truth, i haven't used the square root process while standing in line trying to figure out my total at wal-mart, therefore i have certainly never had to solve 9y-3y+5=4y+7 in my daily grind.
i don't miss the teachers. i don't miss the homework. i don't miss the ballgames. i don't miss homecoming. i don't miss awards day. i don't miss anything. (i sound like a real outsider huh? haha)
highschool was one of the most dramatic places i have ever set foot in. and for a while, i was soaking every single bit of that up with the other snoody girls in our "christian" school. i was one of the girls who didn't like someone because they weren't wearing new clothes on the first day of school. i was one of the girls in the principals office all.the.time because we were SO dramatic and snoody.
i wasted so much time being caught up in those things, that when i got out of highschool the real world kicked me in my face.
i went to college, started living with a boyfriend that i hadn't known for even a few months, gave him exactly what he wanted.. still caught up in the same mess high school "taught" me.
it wasn't until i decided school wasn't for me until i actually "found myself."
i ditched the douche, (is that a bad word?) i started going to church, i got my life right, and i met michael <3
look where i am now. i am so thankful, and i am so blessed beyond belief.
i may not have a million aquaintances, or even talk to many of the people i spent most of my years with, but i do have a few real friends.
[example:] brianna is an amazing friend, she's gorgeous. she's sweet and we're a lot alike! and she really has an amazing heart. and her boyfriend has a cool name ;) [michael] i love her. i really do. i would rather have one real friend than a thousand fake friends. i would rather sorround myself with one person who loves jesus with every fiber of their being that be caught in the mess i was in.
i am completely in love with jesus.
i am MARRIED. at the age of 20 years old i have been married for almost 6 months now.
i have been provided with a wonderful job, not only a job i don't dread going to, but financially supports my family, along with my husband at the age of 21, working at a dealership and keeping up with every old man there! :)
so no, i don't miss it.
not. one. itsy. bitsy. teensie. weensie. bit.
this is the whitney now.
i kinda like her.
and i think you will too :)


Erica said...

i do like you! and i don't miss high school ONE BIT either. those people lie. lol

Lovely Brianna said...

I love you to death Whitney!
You're an AMAZING Friend, and I'm so thankful that God allowed us to meet....

Honestly, When I think about how God has provided for me I could seriously just squall my eyes out.
Listen to this, I had NEVER even heard of Florence, AL. or UNA until close to the end of my senior year of high school.

and one saturday, My paw paw called me and was like lets ride up to Florence and look at the school there (but really he just wanted to check out the Robert Trent Golf Coarse lol:))

Well when we got to Florence,
I just thought it was one of the most gorgeous places I had ever seen!

I was just amazed and I had such an undescribable feeling about it...it was weird, and I just KNEW that it was God pulling my heart here.

So, I applied, Got accepted in June.
in July, I went to SOAR...where My friend Will and I met Nathan Miles....of all people hahaha:)
We all had similter interests in Music,
So after SOAR we all talked online a little bit before school started!

On move in day.
I was TERRIFIED...I was second guessing my self so bad, and Im such a family girl, so I was CRUSHED and just really wanted to disappear.

It made me sick to my stomach to leave my whole life two hours away, the people that loved me, all of my friends!

But by the strength of God I did it!
It was ROUGh at first, but it got better and better.

I absolutely LOVED classes and school in general...which I still do haha NERD!!

But I can remember thinking, I will never find people here that I will be able to call friends (I've never EVER been good at making friends. I'm too shy, and scared to talk to people)

God allowed me to meet Nathan, so that next I would meet the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!
and from meeting Michael, God has allowed me to meet some AMAZING people (you & Michael)

God, he has given me EVERYTHING and everyone I need!
He gave me a place to live where I have a second family.

Since Im such a family girl, God couldnt let me go without having a place to feel like I have people who genuinly care about me.

He also gave me GREAT GREAT friends (you) that I can count on and always know will be there for me when I need them.

okay, this has GOT to be the LONGEST comment in Blogger history!


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