bridge street

happy sunday!:)
last night we went to bridge street in huntsville.
huntsville is like an hour away from us but it FELT LIKE forever. sheesh! i thought we were never going to get there! me & brianna wanted to hang out but there is never anything to do in florence. so we decided to go to huntsville and eat and do a little shopping :) i knew it would be fun if we got more than a few people to go, so i asked my little sister and her friends to go!

in the girls car we had:
brianna [my friend]
hanna [my little sister]
lily [hannas bff]
allison [hannas friend]

in the boys car we had:
michael t. [my husband]
michael b. [b's boyfriend]

it was fun :)
we went to eat at red robin [mmm..] which was delicious!
but unfortunately, by the time we got there and ate the shops were all close :( i was soo upset. i only wanted to shop! but thankfully, it's not that far from us so we can go any time :)

i'm super excited to hang out with brianna and michael again.
i just love that teensie girl.

she asked me to go with her to birmingham one weekend.
[that's where she's from, but here for school..and her mikey!]
and we can do some shopping and what not :) i am sooo excited.
so i'm sure that will be a trip to look forward to blog about ;)

check out brianna's blog here
check out hanna's blog here

later lovesies.


Lovely Brianna said...

YAY for Birmingham,
and WAY more trips to Huntsville:)

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