i'm a slacker, i know. :(
i haven't really had much time to blog at all.
and i am so, so sorry for that!
michael was off work & we got to spend the day together, thank goodness. it feels like we don't hardley have any time together. after all, he does work monday-saturday from 9:00am-7:00pm [that's if he gets off when he is supposed to, which rarely happens.] and as you can see, he normally has thursdays off, but a lot of times he goes in for a haf a day unless i am off work too. but, i am very thankful michael has a job. a great job at that. but as i heard him telling someone at church last night "i'm so thankful for my job but when the Lord opens up the door for me to go somewhere else with better hours i will be running!" haha, so cute.
[so Jesus, thank you for the oppurtunities you have brought michael, and the ones i know you will continue to bring him; us!]
we both worked, i went with my mom to get her hair done, which looks fabulous! i'm even thinking i want the same color put in my hair. but i hate having to keep up with color in my hair. it grows so fast! which makes me totally happy. then friday night we finally went to see the dear john movie that i have been counting down the days to go see. do you know what happened to me!? before we left i started feeling sick, and about half way through the movie i felt so sick i wanted to go home. so we didn't even get to see the entire movie. bummer huh? i thought so too. ugggh. but from what i am hearing, the movie doesn't even do the book justice. which makes me feel a teensie bit better :)
we had SNL [saturday night life] at our church. which of course, Jesus rocked our socks off. but when does he not? walking into that church is just asking for Jesus to blow your mind. not that you even have to ask, he pretty much does what he wants;] which is more than fine by me! he shows up and shows out at our church, but that's just the way i like it :)
pray for LS
okay, a new thing i'm going to give you updates on is a group i joined on facebook called "pray for LS" he is from Georgia and he was diagnosed with T-cell all leukemia on 12/1/09 the doctors said that the next 6-8 months will be a very tough ride for him, but his family and friends are praying and believing in a complete and total healing for LS. i'm not exactly sure how old he is but he looks to be about 13-15 years old, i'm really not sure. and i know i want to do something for him, but i'm not sure yet what i want/am supposed to do. i have had him on my heart lately and i don't even know him. i got an update from his mom [she sends them out to everyone in the group on facebook] this morning, which is weird--because last night i had a dream i was doing something for the children who had cancer.. coincidence? i think not. hmmm.
her update said:
good morning everyone:) LS got a new drug last night to help raise his white blood count so he can finally heal and quit having pain. nothing else has changed. he is still in a lot of pain, especially in the mornings. the thing i wanted to share with you about this morning, i hope stays with you all day.. LS stood up this morning, around 5AM to go to the restroom and was experiencing the extreme pain so the nurse gave him more morphine and other meds too, at the same time, to help. he became very weak from that but managed to get to the restroom & when we headed back to bed he asked me for a towel too put on the floor and his hoodie. he also asked the nurse to remove him from his meds which is hooked to a pole so he could move around. i didnt know what he was thinking because he could hardley stand and the pain was so bad he was shaking. he asked me to step out of the room for a minute because all he wanted to do was get on his knees and spend time with Jesus. It touched me so. He wasn't able to kneel, but i told him Jesus wouldn't mind if he prayed in the bed:) the nurse came back in and saw the towel on the ground and asked if he had gotten sick and he said "no mrs gina i was trying to get on my knees and pray." and gina also reassured him that Jesus would hear his prayers in bed. LS told her he felt closer when he prayed on his knees. he prayed from bed and all is good:) LS's mom.
how sweet is that? everytime i get an update, i will update you on this precious boy.
if you would like to send cards, or gifts to LS send to this address:
7315 Ashley Trace
Cumming, GA 30028
also, in huntsville, AL close to where i live. there was a shooting at discovery middle school where a 15 year old boy shot another 15 year old boy. what is this world coming to!? this boy did not survive the shooting and this family needs your constant prayers. pleasepleaseplease
have a great super bowl sunday!
tootles lovelies!



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