It's a Saturday night at 10:17 pm. Early? Maybe when I was seventeen. Yes I AM only twenty-- but I am like a granny. :)
As I'm laying here in my bed, blogging on my iPhone, I must admit, I have THE MOST adorable, most precious, kind hearted, free-spirited, loving, hard-working man asleep next to me. You know, the one that takes my covers at night, gets angry when the light of my iPhone shines in his face, whose feet touch me and I kicked him constantly throughout the night--my husband. I wouldn't want to sleep next to anyone another than him, or see anyone elses big blue eyes when I wake up on the mornings.

I love you Michael Tomlin.


SReece said...

AWWWW!! Thats so sweet!

Lovely Brianna said...

You left out the part that you absolutely LOVE & ADORE how he grits his teeth!!

whitney said...

thanks steph!

and this was BEFORE the teeth gritting brianna! hahahaha

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