day 3: my dogs!

10 more days until valentine's day
1 more day until dear john hits theaters
1 more day until our 5 month wedding anniversary
day 3 of our "what/who do you love?" blog!

my, my, my, how it has been one of those days!
where nothing goes right, it seems like you can't be happy if your life depended on it, and no one, i repeat no one can make it better [if anything, they make it worse.] uggh! something extremely hurtful that i have been trying to deal with for the past few days--all the time people tell me how my relationship with the Lord has grown and how i am a light shining for Him in the things i do. then, out of no where you hear that [one person imparticular] they are only saying those things to your face. how christian-like is that? or that you aren't on fire for God because you don't dance every service, or sometimes you may even sit down before worship is over. well, i know how bad that hurts, and i want YOU all to know, i would never judge your realtionship with the Lord based on HOW you worship him. we all have different ways and i BELIEVE that is certainly okay! it's your heart that Jesus looks at.

but just so the enemy knows, i am fully relying on God and trusting Him in everything i do, and the path my life is going. [which is a good one, i believe :)] btw, i had to look at the tattoo on my wrist in order to spell "believe" the right way, and i just did it again. ohh my!

day 3: what i love today
zekey and xoe :)
my sweet, sweet puppies.

i am such an animal lover. but i seriously love dogs! my family has always been well-stocked with animals since i was a little girl, haha. i have only had 2 dogs that were really "mine" that i had to take care of when i wasnt living in my parents house. [zeke & xoe] but of course i have rescued [pookie & pp, yes pp.]

i got xoe almost exactly one year ago. i bought her for only $65.00 and to this day she is the most precious, loving dog i know! she walks right under my feet and i call her "my princess." she is such a nervous dog! everything scares her, so of course i can't tell her no :] she is just a doll. when i first got her she was SO sick. she had to spend a few days in the hospital and they didn't think she was even going to live. i would go and sit with her and the second she saw me she would cry! :( it was so sad. the nurses who would have night shift said she was NEVER in her cage because everyone was always carrying her around, so spoiled! she's all better now and is still mommys baby!

i got zekey not even a year ago from one of michael's customers. he was a bit more pricey than xoe! haha, and he was just born in may. he is so tiny and so sweet and he gets along with his big sister [xoe] so good! they love one another. he thinks he's about 50 pounds, when he's really about 4. he is a fiesty little thing too! he [just like xoe] is so so spoiled. he thinks he is a human, and has the same fiesty attitude as a little boy would when he doesnt get his way! he is such an adorable little puppy and so much fun. he just makes you smile when you look at his adorable little face with those HUGE ears!! :)

i love love love these pups! it's always good to have a FURiend to cuddle with on your sick days or a day like today; just one of those days. they never let you down! :)

loves lovelies!



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