if you read my post last night, i wanted to clear something up.
-i promise i was not a terrible person in high school haha! just.. caught up in the very center of it i guess you could say, and this is a blog--therefore i'm not candy-coating anything.
-i do have lots more close friends than just brianna, but she's normally the one i telling everything to or the one i talk to just about every single day.
ex: ellen, kaiti, katie, megan, my sister hanna, etc.
-i do miss ONE teacher from school. i failed to mention her yesterday because when i started talking about her, my blog went on to a whole other level. so i just erased it. but that teacher is mrs. clark. she was more like one of my best friends, and she was even an honorary grandparent in my wedding. and she was my english teacher. i'm sure she is proofing this blog as she reads it, therefore i am going to try to make as many errors as possible ;) anyways, i really LOVE her. she was the absolute funnest, and still is. when i came back to school from homeschooling i did NOT want to give her the time of day. she was always in a good mood and cracking THE corniest jokes. so i wanted nothing to do with her. haha :) but she was very persistant about becoming friends with me, so i finally gave in. and now i don't know what i'd do without her! ;]
i love you clarky!


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