cuppy cakes

cuppy cakes!

michael has made valentine's day into a weekend for me :) so starting friday i have been getting little gifts, but i will have to share everything with you tomorrow :) so since i get the entire weekend, i decide to do michael's for him today while he was at work and give it to him tonight. since he will be home tomorrow :) thank you Jesus!

there isn't to much you can buy for a guy on valentine's day. so what better way than to feed him!? i think it was a much better touch :) i decided to go where no whitney has ever gone before and make cupcakes. i know, it doesn't seem like a hard task but i had never made cupcakes by myself and i was actually a little nervous! scary, huh?

i didn't want to do anything normal, because our marriage is anything but normal. and that's how i love it. as you have read in a post before, at our wedding we had a rainbow over us the entire time, which disappeared when the ceremony was over! and a rainbow is a symbol of promise.

so since our wedding means a lot to us, obviously--i decided to do his cupcakes tie-die! how much fun is that!?

a promise that i'll love him forever.

here goes nothin'

ingredients included:

-3 eggs
-1 cup of water
-conefetti cake mix
-1/3 cup of oil
-cupcake holders
-white cream cheese icing
-tube icing [if you want to decorate]
-sprinkles [if you want]
-food dye [colors depending on preference]
-1 big bowl, 4 small bowls

for starters i got a big bowl and mixed my cake mix, oil, water, and eggs for two minutes and then put them in to 4 seperate bowls because i used pink, purple, blue, and orange food dye. i then poured them into the cupcakes holders :)

after i did that, i put them in the oven at 350 degrees for about.. no longer than 20 minutes!

yuuuuum. don't they look good!? well we aren't done yet! you have to let them cool for a long time, since its cold outside, i let mine sit outside to cool of quicker! ;) next is the icing!

last but not least--decorate them! do whatever you want to do :) i put "love you" and "xoxo" on michael's since it's for valentines day, and of course because i love him!

you should make some, just remember to have fun!

a big thanks to my mom for showing me how to do everything i didn't know how to do and making sure i was able to get everything i needed!♥



Erica said...

those turned out great whitney! i LOVE doing tie dye cupcakes! i did them for sean's bday and christmas (for christmas i tie dyed red velvet and dark chocolate cake mixes... oh. my. gosh. SO GOOD lol). yours turned out adorable! i'm sure mike loved them

Lovely Brianna said...

YAY!!!! you did a fantastic Job!!!
I am such a BAKER...its my favorite thing in the world to do and cupcakes have a very special place in my heart. I would ♥ to Open a Cupcake, and painting shop...somewhat like sips-n-strokes but with cupcakes :) What do you think??!!??

whitney said...

yes! and you would be oh so good at that!!

and erica.. thanks! mikey loved them!!

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