day 2: fashion

good afternoon!:)
only 11 days until valentines day
only 2 days until our 5 month wedding anniversary
only 2 days until dear john comes out in theaters
and day 2 of our "what/who do you love?"
it's been an easy-going day at work, just me & mom for now :]
i'm more than excited for church tonight, loves it!
it seems like we hadn't been in a few weeks other than keeping nursery. we're busy bee's!
day #2 of our "who/what do you love?"!
i LOVE fashion!

these are all my sense of style, definately. i'm don't like to dress up over the top, but i love love love casual, but dressy! i'm a huge accessory person [ex. handbags, jewelry] as i have told you before, i am not a bargain shopper. of course, i would love to spend less money for the things i wanted but for some reason i don't have that ability. no matter how hard i try! haha. i'm sure my parents wished i had, seeing they bought my clothes for a number of years. and michael, well he just prefers not to see what i spend. haha :] i haven't done a lot of shopping lately, sadly enough. but it's definately for the better. being a newly-wed and helping pay for more than just yourself get's a little expensive sometimes in itself! but i'm sure you know that :)

also: i want to show you a few more of the cutsy things i found! :)

a hand sewn letter/envelope for valentinesday!
& a cutsy weenyDOG!

speaking of..
it's lunch time! :)
hope you lovelies have a GLAMOROUS day! :)



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