"snowed in"

snow day! ... again.

1. zeke decides to forget that he is potty trained & pee numerous times in the kitchen floor because he is a girl when it comes to going out in the snow. [okay, on his behaf he DOES only way a big 4lbs, whatev.]

2. i find nothing entertains me. i have spent my entire day "becoming a fan" of numerous facebook pages.

3. when it snows xoe barks at the falling snow. it's like she thinks there is a million tiny people falling from the sky.

4. i find myself just staring out the window due to boredom. please tell me why i have been too lazy to go get our cable turned on?

5. a route 44 from sonic has taken me all day just to get half way finished.

6. this 1/2 inch of snow & icey roads may ACTUALLY cause us not to be able to go to my moms and watch the bachelor/keeping up with the kardashians tonight.

sad. day.
other than all of those things i enjoy the snow :) nothing is better than laying in my bed watching it snow. i'm not sure if what's happening now is snow or sleet, but i'm loving it :) God paints the prettiest pictures!

this afternoon i got a text from one of my sweet friends, erika! [who is in the process of becoming a blogger ;) ] it said:
"hello friend! i just wanted to tell you how much i love you and how much you inspire me to be a better person and firm believer in God!"
made. my. day.

stay warm lovely.



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