our first valentine's day as the tomlin's


so now, what you have all been waiting for, right? :) our valentine's weekend started friday afternoon when i got home from work i had all this waiting on me!
bunches of my favorite candies, a silly card & a sweet note

saturday morning michael went to work and i was still asleep when he left. so when i woke up, i woke up to a hilarious card [with a sweet note on the side you don't see]

saturday night when i got home, after i gave him his cupcakes he gave me the rest of my day 2 gift! which was this cutsy "lucky" bracelet. as i have said before i love lucky jewelry and free people clothes; and this bracelet is one i had wanted in the store a few weeks ago! good ear mikey!

this morning i woke up to this! which i loved.. more candy!

our valentines day consisted of all of this! :)

i hope you all enjoyed the weekend and most importantly had fun sharing valentine's day with your love! and dont forget, valentine's day isn't just for someone with a significant other, you can show your love for your family, friends, Jesus, or anyone! i hope yours was amazing :)

i LOVE you all



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