What a weekend-- so far!

So yesterday Michael was supposed to get off work at 7:00PM. Ummm... he got offat NINE, needless to say we didn't do anything last night. Which is okay with me I just hate that some people come in so close to closing time when they know buying a car could turn into hours upon hours of a process. BUT, no complaining here--because they bought the car! :) PTL

So today our brand new washer and dryer got delivered and I was so excited! They delivered it from Best Buy and one of the guys who delivered it was the guy I had talked to on the phone this morning. He said, "Man, when I called I thought you was a little girl. And I was like, why they be havin' their little girl answer?" Um... Thanks? Maybe if I was like 50 I would want to sound like a 'little girl' but I'm twenty. All I could do was laugh, ha.

This afternoon my dad was going to come and help me put the hose on the dryer for me, and we went to walmart to get it and the tornado sirens went off. My mom calls me freaking out [as I am way to interested in the cops hand cuffing a guy for trying to break into cars BROAD DAYLIGHT] saying a tornado is coming. So dad hurried and we went home and got my pups and I went to their house for the day and got ready for church.

Speaking of little girl.. We went to church tonight and by the end of church all the sirens were going off and this is were the madness began. There were tremendously loud sirens, everyone's family members calling them, police riding the streets, and tornados spotted! OMG Alex, I have no idea how you live in KANSAS. Tornados seriously freak me out.

This was the first huge storm I hadn't been with my parents during. Everyone was grabbing their kids and husbands to 'take cover' and my Michael was no where to be found. So. SCARY. He had went to pull the car around, and then the loud sirens went off. o of course I ran inside like a little girl and I guess I forgot where he was? I was sure when he heard the sirens he would come back in. Did he? No.

So I'm in panic mode crying bawling like a 5 year old child. Finally he walked in the door and I ran to him and just cried. Pansy, I know. THEN I remembered my furbabies were home alone! Oh my, You guys know my dogs are my babies! I was so nervous and scared they were at home scared. Luckily [I think] the storms never got to that side of town and went the other way, so [hopefully] they were never scared.

In order to get that extra bit of relief I had to call my mom and have her reassure me [more than one time] that my sweet zeke & xoe were going to be okay.

As I am writing this I am more and more realizing what a pansy I am when it comes to storms, but I will be the mom whose child is calming her during the storm- oh my.

Eventful, huh? Yes! But i'd much rather just enjoy the sunshine.
Too much worry for these little bones.
Btw, my older sister JUST text me and said "Are you guys taking cover? Turn news on'' and I just had a mini-heart attack. Thankfully, she sent that hours ago and i'm just now getting it due to my phone being dead.


Alex(andra) said...

Eeek. I'm sorry! I'm glad you guys endedup being okay. No worries, I'm definitely a pansy when it comes to tornadoes, too. I've been through a few close calls, but that's it.

Instead of people calling and checking on relatives, most people around here go outside with their neighbors to look for the tornado. I'm usually too busy cowering in my safe place. ;)

I hope you guys don't have to go through that again!

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