WEEKEND+Manic Monday!

Sweet Bloggers!
Friday I went to my friend of almost SEVENTEEN YEARS wedding and I boo hoo'ed for sure! I can't believe she is married. Gosh, I can't believe I'M married! Sadly, I left my camera at home and didn't get ONE picture of her/us.

Saturday was the benefit concert and here are a few pictures! I know the first few you're probably thinking WHERE IS SHE!? The concert was in the park, but the metal show was at some people from church's house. They guys playing go to church with us, and it's a Christian band, although a lot of freaks show up for the "We-wanna-hit-and-punch-and-fight-one-another moshing deal." Needless to say, I was WAY out of my element and we didn't stick around for long.

We are so blessed to have raised nearly $300 to send to The National Wildlife Federation & Worldvision [Haiti Crisis]

So Thank you to:
Michael: Who did everything I needed and playing
Floodgates: For playing and letting us use your equipment
Aubrey and Miles: For playing and letting us use your mics
Everyone who came: For donating, supporting the cause and telling all your friends!
To my parents: For MATCHING what we earned to send off with or donated money!

I love you ALL!

Now for the pictures.. :)

Jordan & Justin

Some people at the Metal Show

Kyleen & the crowd

Miles & Aubrey
Being goofy.. Always!

Mikey and Me all sweaty after his set

Aubrey & Miles playing

Sunday we went and ate some VERY delicious food that my parent's had made, and then we went to the Marriott Park, Target, then headed to Michael's mom's and she made us some yummy dinner & Strawberry pie! We ended up losing track of time and stayed from about 2:00 until almost 9:00--sheesh!
Mr. & Mrs. Tomlin<3
Me & Patti [Mikey's momma]
Xoe Marie Deschanel Tomlin

Ezekiel Emmanuel Tomlin

Michael's Mom's dog--Tinkerbell

My Mr.<3

Needless to say, we were exhausted when we came home last night and all eaten up by mosquitos! We got in bed fairly early for an even earlier MANIC MONDAY--full of working, rain & storms. Oh, and I tanned :)
I'll be leaving shortly to go over to my parent's house to EAT and watch the BACHELORETTE and be meeting Michael over there when he gets off work :]
Where's my Bachelorette fans!?
Hope your weekend was fab!


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