weekend in phoTOES!

Our weekend consisted of..
First Fridays downtown with friends, Ricatonni's for dinner, Rivertown for coffee
Dinner & The mall with friends
Lunch with my family, visiting Michael's family & brownies and frappe's!
Eeeeek! How was your weekend!?


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Love all your pictures!!! You have the best hair ever and I love your little flower!

whitney said...

aww thank you! I actually just learned how to curl my hair with my flat iron a few months ago--thank youtube! I was actually just telling my husband [I'm blow drying my hair right now and about to flat iron it] 'I haven't worn my hair strait in a while so i bet its long' we shall see in about 30 minutes! haha!

And thanks about the flower! It's actually HUGE, i have so many clips and headbands like that, a friend of mine hand makes them and sales them! I LOVE BIG GAUDY STUFF

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