morning sickness.. not that kind.

If I tried to tell you how angry I am that I woke up at 5:00 this morning and my dogs were still SOUND asleep, something tells me I wouldn't be able to let you get the real feel of how upsetting this is.

I don't have to be at work until 9:30, it's Michael's off day so he isn't up making noise, it's pitch black in our bedroom, and both dogs sound asleep. What happens next? I open my eyes and I feel like death is another word for the way my body is feeling at the moment. Oh. My. Word.

Of course I would have been just fine if I could have got that extra 3 hours of sleep and THEN worried about my 'sickness' but nooooo I had to wake up and see how it felt at 5AM. So here it is, 6:39AM and I have been up for going on 2 hours. We normally go to bed earlier & last night we were up until after midnight.. good thinking, Whit!

I have a stomach ache, a body ache, a massive headache, and I just feel like going back to bed and sleeping all day. I'm SO lucky I don't have the whole 'allergy' thing everyone complains about these days, poor husband! But personally, I believe a belly ache is the most terrible form of pain.

It's so inconvenient, I'm losing sleep & I'm not a happy camper.


Now I must try to go back to sleep and HOPEFULLY get a peaceful rest in the next 2hrs that I have before it's back to the daily 'grind.' but HEY!

Guess what Guess what Guess what!?

Ugh, hang on-- Zekey wants to tell you guys something :]
rfgjjhfddghjjnhhjbhbgggfddddfvhmmkuytrffg- Zicker


Erin said...

Hope you feel better! I had a stomach bug last week and I agree 100% that stomach aches are the worst pain!! And tell Zeke thanks for the message!

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