PCB: Third FULL Day! [Last Day!-Sunday]

Picking out which swimmy to wear for the day!

Laying on the beach

My Pink & Zebra toes for the beach!

Wind-blown, much?

Excited/It's-too-sunny-to-smile-with-my-eyes-open face


Mr. Tomlin

Babes and Me :)

Chocolate PB, PB, and Turtle FUDGE!

What I got Zekey & Xoe at the Fudgery!
Sorry so late! Our Last day was packed with enjoying the beach and the sunshine and then eating out and my sister and Jessica getting their lips peirced. Jessica passed out, which was so scary.. to me. She just laughed, ha! Then we went to Pier Park to look around for the LAST time before heading home in the morning :(


Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Your vacation looks so nice and relaxing!! I'm super jealous... :)

whitney said...

it was.. but i need a vacation from coming back from vacation!

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