Sunday 'Novel'

This has been a fabulous Suunday!

Of course, as you know I am always loving Sundays because that means two things: Church & Michael! No phone calls, no 'we need you to come in on your ONLY off day,' no nothing. Thank you, Jesus!

We started off the morning by waking up 10 minutes before church started, again. We actually got ready in about 20 minutes and were headed out the door! When we got to church we had a wonderful service [as always] and then we went to lunch with my little sister and two of her friends.

After we ate, we decided to go geocaching & stop by Art's Alive [an art festival one weekend a year with amazing handmade stuff - loves!] and go geocaching again! Did I forget to mention that it was about, ummm, 98 degrees? Not to be confused with the band :] Ha!

Needless to say, that didn't work out so well. I don't think I have EVER been so hot. I think I was on my way to having a heat stroke. Okay, that's a little dramatic.

After we were done we went to the tanning bed [you know my pale phobia..] and we were going to go back to Books-A-Million but we had to go over to my parents house and get some boxes we have had sitting over there for like 6 months now. My older sister and her fiance' are going to have to move out of their house [for maybe even a few months!] WITH their three big dogs [my parent's already have 4] into my parent's house!

They thought there was a leak the other day, so my dad went over there and him and Jared 'fixed it' or so they thought. It turns out there was mold all under the house and a squirrel or something had gotten under there and also chewed some wires making it not safe for them to even live there until it's fixed!

Holy moly-- That stinks! So inconvenient for them to have to to deal with all that and i'm praying that Jesus covers that with their homeowners insurance and that the transition goes smoothly.

While they will be living there, my little sister Hanna is going to come stay with us since we basically do everything together anyways [she's 16] and it won't be so crowded in the basement. Fortunately we have an extra bedroom and it's right in town! Another reason I adore our apartment - loves!

Good thing: The basement is like a whole other house
Bad thing: Hanna lives down there [they would all be in each others hair]

Anyways, we're winding down and it's quiet in the Tomlin house. The dogs are passed out and Michael and I are sad Sunday went so quickly and tomorrow is back to the grind! But hey, thank Jesus for jobs!

Tomorrow I get to babysit Elliott, My friend Katy's baby and I'm SO excited.
More to come tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed my 'novel' :)


Brianna! said...

I passed along a Blog award to you!


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