Night with my Mr. & the girls :)

On our way to Ricatonni's downtown--My FAVE!
I was obviously NOT ready!

My Mr. and I

I wish his angry face was this cute ;]

My little sister Hanna & Michael

Me and Michael at Rivertown :)

This afternoon I wastired of laying around, and being the fantabulous wife that I am ;] -- I washed all the clothes yesterday so I actually had nothing I needed to be doing. So I decided to drive over to my parents house since my little sister had two of her friends spend the night from church, Lily & Moriah. They're some lazy girls!
They helped Hanna do her chores so they could go out tonight, and Lily ended up getting sick :(
Me and Moriah took her home while Hanna finished cleaning and when we got back the girls got ready and dressed and I left to go meet Michael at home since he got off at 6:00.
His quota for this month is SIX cars and he has already sold FIVE! Thank you Jesus! We have been doing lots of encouraging around our house & Believing in a nice big comission check this month. So after 6 cars he starts getting comission. God is good.
We went and dropped some clothes of to a girl that bought some clothes from me and then he took me to the tanning bed. After FINALLY getting in touch with Hanna after calling her SIX times, we met up with Her, Moriah, & Allison for dinner at Ricatonni's - loves!
After that we walked over to Rivertown and hung out for a little bit and then they went to see their friend-boys while me and Michael got a yumsy frappe and headed to Books-A-Million to check out an amazing book about dreams by Ira Milligan - more loves!
Now we're home, and once again my sweet hubs is passed out on the bed before I can even finish my blog. Sheesh!
How was y'alls night!? I wanna know all about it!


Kyn said...

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before which seems odd because I always read it! I follow/read your blog mostly because you and I seem to be a lot alike--we're close in age, both got married pretty young, and don't have kids. :-)

I totally understand about the whole car thing (my late fiance was a car salesman) and I LOVED when he'd go over quota and really make some good money, money that he NEVER let me spend but instead he put it into a savings account for our future. BORING. :-)

PS--You and your sis look like twins! So pretty!

whitney said...

Hey! I had no idea you even followed me, thanks for reading! I'm going to go check out your blog right now! I hope you enjoy it! Last night Michael woke up in the middle of the night saying how we needed to go do peoples paperwork haha!

-everyone thinks we favor a lot, but i dont think so! but thanks, i think shes gorgeous too!

whitney said...

it says you don't publicly share your profile

Kyn said...

Argh. I'm so blonde when it comes to these things...I'll be making it public. Thanks for telling me because I had no idea! :-)

Kyn said...

I fixed it so now I think my profile and blog will show up publicly. Sorry for ruining your comment section with my blondness. :-)

Hope you guys are having a super fab Sunday!

whitney said...

thanks girlie, going to check it out now! No worries!

whitney said...

hey girl--- email me, i want to ask ya something :) mrsxtomlin @ gmail . com [no spaces]

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