YAY! It's 'Getting to know you SUNDAY!'! I haven't participated in a while since Sundays are usually jam-packed for us with Church and family andddd it's our only day of us both not working so we usually do something fun! :]

BUT for some reason it's 7:30 and I'm ready to take on the day! [i'm sure i'll nap in between events!, ha!] so I figured I'd join in on the GTKYS fun :) Join me!

1. The most expensive thing in my closet is... My Hand Bags! Not sure if my juicy or Coach was more expensive. I'm thinking Juicy!

2. Have you ever played a team sport? Yes, Basketball & Volleyball.

3. If you were a bug, what kind would you be? EW! I hate bugs! But I would be a ladyBUG or a lightningBUG :)

4. Where on your body is the worst place to get sunburnt? I don't burn PTL, just tan! But I imagine it's all equally painful, maybe not? I know when I was younger I got burned on my chest SO bad it even scarred for a while, and it stinks when your scalp burns because you have to wash and brush your hair!

5. Are you happy? I am, Thank you for asking :)

6. People are always abbreviating, is there any abbreviations that make your skin crawl? Oh MYLANTA yes. I hate wen ppl tlk lk dis. And I REALLY CANNOT STAND when pE0PlE tLk *LyKe* THiiS - LyKE 00h Emm GEE! <---

7. Do you love where you live, or could you live anywhere? I definitely couldn't live anywhere. I couldn't live where it snows or is cold all the time. I love living here because it's not a hole in the wall hicktown city but it's not big with interstate's ect. If I could take everyone I love, I'd move to the beach.

8. What if any, extreme measures do you go to to keep yourself from overeating when you're full? I don't do anything extreme - I just stop eating! But I get stomach aches like no ones business, EVERYTHING makes my stomach hurt unless it's healthy. So I try to stray from all the junk. I don't eat a lot at one time, just snack a lot! You're turn.. Happy Sunday!


Kelly Denise said...

I hear you on 6

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