As you know, ALL of us [Michael & Me, Mom & Dad, Hanna & her friend Jessica, Kelley & her fiance Jared] are going to the beach tomorrow! Panama City to be exact! I haven't been there since I was just a little girl, we usually go to Gulf Shores, Destin, San Destin. For a while Panama turned into a messy place, but from what I hear, it's all cleaned up and ready to go! We're staying in a new condo and I am SO excited, it's so nice.

Yesterday, I had to get a mani/pedi, of course! How can you go to the beach with your toesies and your nails looking all crazy!? I can't.. And neither could the man who came in to get his feet done while I was there! His exact words are "Hey Lisa, I gotta get my feet done cause I'm going to the beach tomorrow!" Ha! PLUS I'm more than in love with my wedding rings, so I want my nails to look cute. I'm always handing people things with my left hand, or staring at my ring. It's THAT pretty! I'm going to make Michael do it sometime, I have seen so many men get their feet done, NO shame--it feels amazing!

Today, I got to work around 9:30 and here it is 1:30-- Only 1.5 more hours to go until I get off work! Thankfully, It's Michael's early day, so he gets off at 5:30. My sister is going to help me take the dogs to get their nails done at 3:00 and then the hourly countdown begins! Between now, and 6:00AM I have to get their nails done, meet with the sweet girls who are keeping mine & my parents dogs, wash everything, go to walmart, pack our clothes, unload/load/unload the dishes, take the fishies [Tom & Lin] to my parents, clean the apartment up, make sure we have everything, load up, drive to my parents house, say bye to our pups :(, and head to the beach!

Shew, I got tired just typing that--I better get going! :)

Ps. I will continue to blog--and post pictures!


Kyn said...

Super jealous that your going to the beach! Hope you have a great trip & PS I love your nails--too cute!

whitney said...

I'm excited girl! :) and thanks! I love zebra print! the pink makes it a little crazier ;)

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